9 nov. 2006

All apology

Avis a la population, aprés un long mois d'absence (strategie commerciale), le blog est enfin remit a jour!!! Désolé de n'avoir pu repondre a tous les messages de desespoir postés nuits et jours sur le site...medames et messieurs la set list du mercredi 8 ( héhé comme par hasard le 8 comme le nom du bar le 8):


Hockeg Night= for guys eyes only
Go-Betweens= people say
Yo la tengo= Beanbag chair
The Married monk= Get on
Preston school of industry= Caught in the rain
Silver jeus= Random rules
The Glass Family= Swimming in fiction
Peter Bjnor and John= Young folks
The Shins= Kissing the lipless
Sebadoh= Skull
Stephen malkmus= Baby c'mon
Sammy= Th' hell with me
The album leaf= always for you


Echo and the bunnymen= Stars are stars
Richard Hell= Time
The modern lovers= Pablo Picasso
Adam green= Hey dude
Grandaddy= Revolution
The submarines= ?
The concretes= you can't hurry love
The long blondes= Big Infatuation
Belle and Sebastian= funny little frog
The stills= Lola stars and stripes
Albert hammond junior= everyone gets a star
ESrge Gainsbourg= elisa
Nancy Sinatra= These boots are made for walking
The Kills= Magazine
The black keys= Busted
The white stripes= The hardest button to button


Pull= swearing
Spoon= Camera
Republic of lose= Comeback girl
Prince= alphabet street
Gorillaz= Dirty harry
Primal scream= Extermination
KIM= Ecobi, the mistake
Le Tigre= Deceptacon( DFA remix)
The Music= Getaway
Datsuns= Blacken my thumbs
Whale= Hobo humpin'



Art brut= Emily Kane (jean)
Lemonheads= Mrs Robinson (françois)
Arctic Monkeys= i bet you look good on the dancefloor (j)
Jet= Are you gonna be my girl (f)
The Who= I can't explain(j)
The Hives= Hate to say (f)
Blur= Song 2(j)
Simian/justice= we love you(f)
Public image ltd= This is not a love song(j)
Bangles=Walkin' like an egyptian(f)
The cribs=Things you should be knowing(j)
The strokes=The end has no end(f)
Dionysos= Song for jedi(j)
Young MC= How How(f)
Fat boy slim= rockfellar skank part 1(j)
Junior senior= Move your feet(f)
Fat boy slim= rockfellar skank part 2(j)
The Rapture= House of jealous lovers(j)
Bloc party= Banquet(f)
The Clash= Should i stay or should i go?(j)
Patsy Cline= Walking after midnight(j)

3 commentaires:

manu manu a dit…

C'est pas parce que les gens ne disent rien qu'ils ne vous lisent pas... ;o)

Rock It To The Moon a dit…

en tout cas moi je ne lis pas

Tommy,qui ne lit pas.

manu manu a dit…

Oui mais c'est normal, toi tu es perdu.

manu, qui en profite parce que tommy ne lit pas