4 oct. 2006

En retard

Dsl , mais vaut mieux tard que jamais!!


the strokes- clear skies
gainsbourg- anamour
boxie- changes
houdini- autumn dream
the kills- jewel thief
B.Marley- trentchtown rock
The coral- in the morning
Belle and sebastian- legal man


Legendary tiger man- i'm just a man
monkees- i'm a believer
pavement- grave architecture
clinic- the 2d line
cake- opéra singe
i'm from barcelona- we are from barcelona
the cure- 10-15 saturday night
the go-betweens- people say
the shins- saint simon
art brut- my little brother


Von Bondies- c'mon c'mon
television- venus
zutons- you will you won't
belle/seb- funny little frog
white stripes- girl you have no faith in medecine
supergrass- caught by the fuzz
the who- can't explain
futureheads- picture of dorian grey
libertines- arbeit macht frei
spinto band- oh mandy


girls vs boys- kill the seaplayer
enon- natural disaster
rakes- 22 grand job
nirvana- bread
datsuns- blacken my thumb
doors- break on through
pj harvey- dress


blur- there no other way
pipettes- your kisses
modern lovers- roadrunner
stooges- i wanna be your dog
brmc- whatever happened to my rock'n'roll
qotsa- no one know
beastie boys- intergalactic
junior senior- move your feet
goldie looking chain- guns don't kill people ( rappers do)
razorlight- stumble and fall


gorillaz- clint eastwood
folk implosion- natural one
electric 6- high voltage
simian vs justice- we are your friends
casistane for the painfully alone- young shields
franz ferdinand- L . Wells
arcade fire- wake up
the hives- main offender
flaming lips- yoshimi (piano version)

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

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jean a dit…

Travailler chez soi? Et le contact humain??! Nananah jvais continuer à dealer.

Rock It To The Moon a dit…

Oui c'est un truc de pub relou qui poste de temps en temps. j'avais activer le contrôle des messages mais c'était relou donc finalement cette chose réapparait.
jolie playlist les boys.

manue a dit…

Passez les Monkees, moi je dis "Woua" !
Et les photos ?

Ciao les djeunz et à tres bientot surement

pom a dit…

et en plus une semaine où je n'était pas là, sinon c'est sur j'aurai enflammé le dancefloor (i'm a believeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer)