23 juin 2006

Playlist du 14 juin en retard

Je recherche désespérément celle du 21 dans le bordel de mon appart, mais impossible de mettre la main dessus, alors il faudra attendre un peu.

Gravenhurst - Song from under the arches
Calla - This better go as planned
The Dears - We can have it
Blonde Redhead - Harmony
dEUS - Instant street
The Notwist - Pilot
Venus - White star line

Third Eye Foundation - Four damaged lemons (Blonde Redhead)
DJ Shadow - Mutual slump
Fugiya & Miyagi - Ankle injuries
Schneider TM vs kpt mich igan - the light 3000
ESG - You're no good
Gonzales - 06
Money Mark - Hand in your head

BJ Thomas - Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
The Auteurs - Meet me at the airport
High Dependendy Unit - Concentricity
Wolf parade - Modern World
Houdini - Arch Stanton's grave
Low - California
Jean Leloup - Je suis parti
Kelly Stoltz - Prank calls

Wilco - Hummingbird
Cat Power - He war
Camera Obscura - I love my jean
The Concretes - Say something new
Francoiz Breut - La certitude
Smog - Justice aversion
Piano Magic - Deleted scenes

Bush Tetras - Too many creeps
Devo - Whip it
The Cure - The lovecats
Talking Heads - Psychokiller
Gang of Four - Damaged good
Happy Mondays - 24 hour party people
The Undertones - Teenage Kicks

Dead 60's - Riot radio
Junior Senior - Good girl/Bad boy
The Kills - Love is a deserter
The Apparitions - God/Monkey/Robot
The Cribs - Things you should be knowing
Spinto Band - Spe vs spy
Franz Ferdinand - L Wells

Belle & Sebastian - There's too much love
Pulp - Joyriders
Morrissey - You have killed me
New Order - Crystal
Radiohead - My Iron lung
Flaming Lips - Yeah yeah yeah song
Primal Scream - kill all hippies

Metric - Dead disco
Pixies - Tony's theme
Editors - Lights
Queens of the stone age - Little sister
Eels - Souljacker Pt1
The Libertines - What became of the lady chose
Le tigre - Nanny nanny boo boo

Chicks on speed - We don't play guitars
Yeah yeah yeahs - Miles away
Nirvana - Very ape
Murder City Devils - Dancin' shoes
Modest Mouse -
Jeff Buckley - Lilac wine

Désolé pour les erreurs / manques éventuels.


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