27 avr. 2006

26.04 - (Don't) Kill The DJ

Merci d'être venus (oui, vous).Toujours pas d'after au Rockstore cette fois-ci pour cause de fermeture , mais tout ca devrait être rétabli pour la semaine prochaine. Kiffez le son :

Stereolab - Kiberneticka Babicka Pt 1
Sebastien Tellier - La ritournelle
Osunlade & Erro - Everything in its right place (Radiohead)
Death in Vegas - Your hands around my throat
Moloko - Fun for me
The Fiery Furnaces - Single again
Gorillaz - Kids with guns

Folk Implosion - Burning paper
Casiotono for the painfully alone - Bobby Malone moves home
KIM - Moza chewing gum
Hederos & Hellberg - Been smoking too long
Tindersticks - Rented room (swing version)
The Shins - Kissing the lipless
Halo Benders - Your asterisk

Felt - Penelope Tree
dEUS - Sentimientos, quando hablamos de amor
ESG - You're no good
The Jesus & Mary chain - Sidewalking
Arlo - Shutterbug
Electrelane - I'm on fire
Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rapinghood

Roisin Murphy - If we're in love
Field Music - If only the moon were up
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold lion
Le Tigre - Eau d'bedroom
Broadcast - Black cat
Ginger Ale - Rules of the market
The Concretes - New friend

The Frank and Walters - Michael
TV Personnalities - World of Pauline Lewis
Pavement - Box Elder
Les Lutins - La génération d'aujourd'hui
The Apparitions - God / Monkey / Robot
Grandaddy - AM 180
Trans Am - ?

Bush Tetras - Can't be funky
The Smiths - What difference does it make?
The Flaming Lips - Yeah Yeah Yeah song
The Strokes - Razorblade
Pulp - Do you remember the first time?
Jacqueline Taieb - La fac de lettres

Charlotte Leslie - Les filles c'est fait pour faire l'amour
Taxi Girl - Cherchez le garcon
Franz Ferdinand - 40"
The Rapture - Echoes
LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Jamie Lidell - Music will not last

Junior Senior - Good girl, bad boy
Panico - Transpiralo
Justice vs Simian - Never be alone
Le tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix)
KIM - Ecobi, the mistake
The Fever - Ladyfingers
Girls against boys - Kill the sexplayer

Money Mark - Push the button
The Gossip - Fire with fire
Gwen Stefani - What you waiting for
Fatale - We are jalouse
The Knife - You take my breath away
Vitalic - My friend dario
WhomadeWho - Satisfaction

Annie - Chewing gum
XTC - Making plans for Nigel
The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (lies)
Fugazi - Strangelight

3 commentaires:

pascalandtherestofus a dit…

bon ils etaient ou les gens?
pourquoi les filles aiment elles autant l'elecro?

pascalandtherestofus a dit…

ben c'etait mort hier soir, reveillez vous les gens
ps on adore pas trop l'electro

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